Rainbow Sash Alliance USA

The Rainbow Sash Alliance USA is part of the international Rainbow Sash Movement.

  The Rainbow Sash Movement is an organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and  transgender Catholics, with their families and friends, who are publicly calling the Roman Catholic Church to a conversion of heart around the issues of human sexuality.

The purpose of the Alliance is to create an elected leadership and board of directors, composed of members of the various Rainbow Sash organizations in the USA, to coordinate the activities of the Rainbow Sash Movement in the US, and to increase its impact.

In addition to coordinating the Rainbow Sash groups in different cities of the USA, the Alliance puts a primary emphasis on working with like minded organizations in other Christian and non-Christian religious traditions, and with secular lgbt organizations in the USA.

Core Statement and Core Action
History in the US, Australia, and England
The Future of the Rainbow Sash Movement

15 Groupphoto Rainbow Sash and Catholics for Marriage Equality MN, 10312010
Wear the Rainbow Sash on Pentecost Sunday, May 19, 2013

Letter to Archbishop Nienstedt, May 2/2011
Letter from Archbishop Nienstedt to the Rainbow Sash, May 31/2011
Press Release for Pentecost, 2011
 Archive Documents

Text of the letter to the Rainbow Sash from Archbishop Flynn, 5/2/05

September, 2004, statment by Archbishop Flynn saying "I do not believe it is my responsibility or anyone else's responsibility to pass judgment on Catholics as they proceed to the Communion table.

If you are interested in joining the Rainbow Sash Alliance USA, or are already active with the Rainbow Sash Movement, please send us an email at rainbows@rainbowsashallianceusa.org We look foreward to hearing from you.

This web site was created by Brian McNeill, Minneapolis, MN,  (612-721-6341) for the purpose of making the Rainbow Sash Movement in the US democratic,  with a leadership accountable to its members.  At this time, unfortunately, any contributions to the Rainbow Sash Alliance are not tax deductible.



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